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It’s not a set up for a joke, it’s my life. Charlie and Grace (my beautiful beasts slash children) are absolutely nuts—our house is a tornado of laughter, water balloon fights and dance parties. Charlie’s favorite book in the world is our wedding album.

Yes, it’s an heirloom, and yes, I should probably ask my kids to be more careful. But it’s adorable! He pulls it out constantly, reminding us of how this crazy family started.

I want that for you too.

I want to sit down with you around a campfire, years from now, and hear about your sticky, crumb-crusted wedding album! I want to follow your story as your family and your love grows. I want to step waaay outside of the “vendor” box and jump right into the friend zone. Because your story doesn’t just end on your wedding day. 

I lost my son, my third perfect kiddo, in April 2022. Woof, that’s intense. I’m sorry. It’s just hard to know where to jump into this story. Every piece of it feels hard and tender. But that’s kinda the point. 

I had to walk through something that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But through that darkness, I've been given this gift of perspective and I want to share it with you. Losing William has shaped my work, coloring my images with more texture and urgency. And hopefully giving my clients more of the essence of their loved ones. 

I wish there was an easy and not uncomfortable way to say “Hey, get photos of your people because they aren’t gonna stick around forever.” But there isn’t. I just know that I had a lot of things that I thought were important before William. Everything felt big and took up my full attention. But now, I hold space for the people that truly matter in my life. And honestly? There’s not that many of them. I would bet that’s true for you too. Get photos with your people. I promise you won’t regret it.

I'm Megan.


My own wedding album has Cheetos fingerprints all over it.

I’m gonna say something that’s kind-of a bummer, ok?

Stick with me plz.

 It is pure magic. And chaos. I want to be there to capture the moments you'll remember forever and the ones you won't remember the next day. Let's do this.

Your wedding day is the one day in your life when all of your favorite humans find themselves in the same spot.


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