I’m a small town Colorado girl. Actually, I’m an outskirts-of-a-small-town girl. My two older brothers and I rode our bikes 2 miles (uphill both ways, in the snow...jk) just to get sunburnt at the swimming pool and spend the day eating Big Hunks. I had to get out and see the world, so I lived in Vegas, California, New Zealand, Denver. But as my family came along I had to get back to that tiny town life. Berthoud, CO, FTW. Nothing beats this state.

What do you get when you have 2 toddlers 13 ½ months apart? 

It’s not a set up for a joke, it’s my life. Charlie and Grace are absolutely nuts—our house is a tornado of laughter, water balloon fights and dance parties. Charlie’s favorite book in the world is our wedding album. There are Cheeto prints all over it because we relive the story of our wedding on the nightly. 

I want to sit down with you around a campfire, years from now, and hear about your sticky, crumb-crusted wedding album! I want to follow your story as your family and your love grows. I want to step waaay outside of the “vendor” box and jump right into the friend zone. Because your story doesn’t just end on your wedding day. 

Hey there. I'm Megan.

Ready to do this thing?

say hello, bonjour, aloha

I want that for you too.