I am a Colorado girl, born and raised, who adventured all over the world and kept coming back home. Nothing beats this state. The people, the views, the energy. My heart is happiest in an open field, farm, backyard, mountain top... anywhere outside in the sunshine. Photography to me is storytelling. My wedding album has tiny cheeto finger prints on it because I get to relive our wedding story with my kiddos on the nightly. And that is the greatest gift. 
Beyond my geekiness for making sure your story is captured perfectly, I'm a sucker for a campfire night with marshmallows roasted rare (yep, you heard that right. Just give me the bag and let me eat). My daily wardrobe will most definitely involve stripes of some sort and occasionally a portion of my childrens' breakfast. Haribo gummies, an almond latte or a good CO brew will win me over, but letting me sample your wedding cake will steal my heart. Playing some Zac Brown Band, John Butler Trio or, let's be honest, N'Sync will bring me to your dance floor. And if you have a toddler and they bring me a handpicked dandelion I may just melt into a puddle. 
Above all, don't leave me behind at your wedding day. I want to follow your adventures and chase after your kiddos or fur children when they start running circles around you. I want to sit down with you years from now at a campfire and eat my rare marshmallows while we relive all your magic as humans. Let me be a little more than a "vendor", I promise it'll be awesome.

Hey there. I'm Megan.

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