My average portrait client spends $600
But i have packages starting at $275 :)


starting at $3100



Let's talk numbers.

You know how they say you get what you pay for? Yeah, yeah. Well, I agree and I disagree.

In the same week that I got an inquiry from a bride whose flower budget tripled my photography price, I shot a wedding with a bride who had a flower crown made by the florist at King Soopers. She wanted some pretty mountain photos but hated getting her picture taken. 

As I posed her and fixed her dress, I turned around to see her groom taking pictures on his cell phone and tearing up. “I just have to take a picture of you right now,” he said. “You look so beautiful.” Her face got so red with embarrassment, but he was right, she was so beautiful. 

Flowers vs. photos, which will last longer? See where I’m going with this? 


If you are a mom / dad / grandmother /human who is on the hunt for a photographer, my guess is you want photos that no one else has. Photos that make your mouth drop to the floor and your heart do cartwheels.  You want to go on an adventure, soak up some sunshine, let your kiddos run around and have someone else be in charge.

Me! Me! Me!

Let's adventure together... and make some beautiful images in the process!


Whew, glad we got that out of the way.

Let's chat about the fun stuff now!

starting at $250