My average elopement couple spends $1500



Let's talk numbers.

Weddings are a lot like teaching kindergarten. Cake spills. People cry. No one listens and everyone’s running around looking for a bathroom. Plus all the uninhibited dancing. 

You know how I know? Because I used to be a teacher. You know how I stay calm no matter what? Same answer.

There’s something in me that thrives in the beautiful madness of weddings. Your love, your life and the people in it are not some posed still-life. It’s all a moving, evolving whirlwind of feels and messiness.

Don’t worry, we’ll get all the family pictures and posed shots you want. But my jam is capturing life as it happens. Collecting those secret looks that tell stories. Finding the pauses in the eye of the storm that say everything about who you are. 

Whew, glad we got that out of the way.

Let's chat about the fun stuff now!

My average wedding couple spends $5000

elopements and micro weddings


I always thought I was a wedding girl. And then I shot an elopement and thought hmmm, this is FUN. Let's sneak away to an epic spot and make your day all magic and all about YOU. 

2020 has been the year of elopements and it has taught me a lot about guiding you through all the details that make things go perfectly. 

Elopements in and around Rocky Mountain National Park are my speciality. I grew up exploring the mountains around my grandparents' cabin in nearby Allenspark so this area is especially close to my heart. Let me be your guide!

My average portrait client spends $800



If you are a mom / dad / grandmother /human who is on the hunt for a photographer, my guess is you want photos that no one else has. Photos that make your mouth drop to the floor and your heart do cartwheels. You want to go on an adventure, soak up some sunshine, let your kiddos run around and have someone else be in charge. 

Me! Me! Me! 

Let's adventure together... and make some beautiful images in the process!

My average elopement couple spends $2000