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Planning Your Denver Wedding

I take it congratulations are in order! Photographing couples over the years, I’ve collected a lot of ideas and tips for weddings in the Denver area. Let me share a few with you! I hope you get inspired.


Choosing Your Wedding Venue

I get asked by so many of my newly engaged couples what venues I adore and love shooting at and the conversation usually goes the same way every time. The first question I always ask couples is what’s your style? Which they usually respond to with confused, “what are we supposed to say here” stares. From there, we sometimes talk Pinterest boards and fairytales visions and sometimes we don’t. Hello, I was the bride with no pinterest board and no fairytale vision! Who is out there to help us?! In an attempt to ease this process along, I’ve rounded a few of my favorite Denver vicinity venues that win over couples time and time again. Consider it a cliff notes version of a few spots that I promise will make your heart skip a few beats.


1) For the couple who loves big barns and a rustic feel, but doesn’t want it to be too rustic: Flying Horse Ranch.


2) For the couple who loves wide open spaces, farms and animals running around: Lone Hawk Farm (No, seriously, one wedding I shot at Lone Hawk Farm, a cat became obsessed with the bride’s lace and followed her everywhere. Another wedding day, a horse insisted on being in the bridal party photos)


3) For the couple who loves clean lines, a funky vibe, and exploring neighborhoods off the beaten path: Space Gallery


4) For the couple that spends their summers hitting up shows at Red Rocks and mountain biking in the foothills: Red Rocks Chapel


5) For the couple (or maybe this is just the bride) that wants a princess vibe and prides herself on elegance and the awe factor: The Chateaux


6) For the couple that loves the city life and the hustle and bustle of downtown: The Oxford Hotel


7) For the couple that prefers minimal frills against a mountain backdrop: Ya Ya Farm & Orchard.


8) For the couple that feels most at home on the water: Washington Park Boathouse

Of course, these are only a few suggestions! I’m happy to chat about other ideas and how they’d photograph.


Choosing a Florist

Florals are so much more than an accessory; they complete a wedding. They pull the bridal party colors together and photograph beautifully. There are tons of options, but here are some of the florists I have been especially impressed by:


1) For the bride who loves bright, colorful bouquets with a rustic vibe: A Florae


2) For the bride who loves big, beautiful, cascading bouquets: Love Letters Floral Design


3) For the bride who likes a classical bouquet: Statice Floral. (Photo credit: Connie Whitlock)


4) For the bride who prefers modern trends: Lehrer’s Flowers(Photo credit: Leah Michelle)


Choosing Your Cake

I think that your wedding cake is a place to express your joy. Whether you want something big, small, off the beaten path, or totally classic, your wedding cake is a statement of fun and a gift to your community.


1) The Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe — Just look at this gorgeous tiered confection!


Choosing a Wedding Planner

A lot of couples underestimate the importance of hiring a wedding planner—or at the very least, a coordinator for the day of the wedding. I’m here to say that I’ve never met a couple who regretted hiring a professional to coordinate their special day. Plus, it frees up your friends and family to more fully enjoy the celebration! Here are few wedding planners you can trust.


1) Root+Gather Events — It was perhaps one of the hottest weddings I’ve ever been to, but these professionals kept everyone calm and cool. And I’ll tell you what, getting all those sparklers lit at the same time is not as easy as you’d think!



2) Sarah Evans Weddings — Check out her work, and you’ll be convinced. Do I need to say more? (Photo credit: Michele with One L Photography)


3) Pink Champagne Events — Jessica has some of the best reviews from her events that I’ve ever read. Maybe she’s exactly who you need to help you design your dreams. (Photo credit: Meigan Canfield)


4) Weddings of InspirationHere was a day where I learned that when things go off-plan, sometimes they turn out better than expected! Everyone was grateful to these professionals for keeping the wedding on track.

I hope this helps you get started in your planning or sparks your wedding dreaming.

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- maureen, bride

Megan is the best! Megan was hands down our best wedding vendor and we would hire her 1000 times over. Actually, I know we will when we need family photos! Megan is not only incredibly talented with photography but she really helps keep to the time line, which helped us a ton on the day of! From our crazy (blizzard) engagement shoot to a month after the wedding we have loved working with and talking with Megan! We couldn’t be more in love with our photos and are so thankful!! She captured everything we wanted and so much more, and we even have a photo of almost every guest!! 

"Would hire 1000 times over"


There were points during the ceremony that I think Megan duplicated herself to get every angle. My fiance and I were both uncomfortable in front of the camera and Megan was able to get us to relax and get plenty of authentic, candid and beautiful photos. There are so many that we love that we don't know how we will choose what to frame or include in our photo albums. Megan has a great approach to weddings, she provides just enough feedback to help you take the perfect photos while also staying in the background to allow you to enjoy each moment of your special day. 

"I think Megan duplicated herself"

- Stephanie, bride

Megan was an absolute godsend from the beginning. Not only does she take amazing photos and has a very approachable price-- her personality is a total bonus! She lightened the mood when storm clouds rolled in ("It won't rain. It never rains. Those clouds are a joke, no way, not today!") and when our wedding shuttle brought guests to the wrong place- she kept us laughing and moving through the photo-ops efficiently. She was directive and efficient- both things you really NEED on your wedding day- while still being calm and positive. Megan's an absolute gem... we could not have asked for more in a wedding photographer and look forward to using her services for future events! 

"Megan's an absolute gem"

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