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Windy Winter Engagement Photos at Lost Gulch Overlook

April 16, 2019

Boulder Engagement Session

When I first chatted with Megan and Tony about engagement photos they had their heart set on some epic spots in Rocky Mountain National Park. With the parks being in their current state, unfortunately Plan A wasn’t an option. We opted for a closer to home spot in Boulder, Colorado and I was ecstatic to capture some Boulder engagement photography for them. Meeting right after sunrise isn’t for the faint of heart but it will give you the most epic images ever. In fact, I’m constantly trying to convince my couples to wake up before the sun just so I can get that beautiful morning light. Megan and Tony were immediately on board, making my photographer heart do a little happy dance. Another reason why I’m always trying to steer couples towards sunrise over sunset is crowd control. The spot you see pictured below would have been impossible to use at sunset. Beautiful spots like this mean throngs of people head to them for a magical view. Sunrise gives you just as an amazing view but cuts out most of the people unwilling to crawl out of bed that early 🙂 And bonus points for going to brunch after. Who doesn’t love brunch?

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